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Leader in waterproofing electronics with protective, sustainable nanocoatings:
>1M units per day capacity

Nanocoatings proven to protect electronic devices from liquid and corrosion damage

At Semblant, we’re on a mission to protect your digital lifestyle. We do this by innovating advanced nano-materials that protect our most rigorously used electronic devices from water and corrosion damage, making them impervious to the forces of nature encountered every day. Our special chemical solutions save the industry billions of dollars in return and repair costs, and save consumers a lot of pain, as well as a lot of money. Today, our deployed worldwide capacity exceeds one million mobile devices per day, and it continues to grow.



Unique materials, invented and engineered by Semblant, designed to protect today’s electronic devices from water, sweat, dust, dirt and human nature.

Cost Savings-small

Cost Savings

Every week, millions of consumer mobile devices fail. Semblant’s fully reworkable nano-coatings protect against environmental damage and allow for repairs such as swapping damaged components, preventing the need for device replacement.



Semblant’s unique nano-coatings are designed to be completely green, protecting both the environment and you. We are the only company to specifically engineer PFOA- and PFOS-free solutions.



Semblant has a deployed manufacturing capacity of over 1 million units coated per day and is able to deliver a quick-to-ramp, high-volume manufacturing approach.

Award Winning Technology

How It Works

Quick, repeatable, easy to adopt.

Semblant’s advanced nanotechnology is applied through a simple and easily scalable process that allows electronics to resist the elements and harsh environments. Together with our equipment partner Nordson MARCH, we have developed a proven, high-volume and environmentally-friendly system to apply our water- and corrosion-proof electronic device coatings.

The system is very easy to operate. Its one-stage, dry process requires no preparation or pre-mixing of materials. Just load and go.

Semblant’s MobileShield™ is Designed to Life-proof Mobile Devices

MobileShileld™ Nano-Coating Fish Tank Submersion Test

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MobileShileld™ Nano-Coating Acid Drop Test

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Mobile Device Protection

MobileShield delivers proven protection for smart mobile devices against water damage, corrosion, dust and dirt.
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Electronic Device Protection

Semblant's CircuitShield is designed to work 'under the hood' to protect every electronic system from damage.
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Engineering Custom Protective Coatings

Tailored solutions providing custom protection for our customer's specific product requirements.
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Discover our Markets



Waterproofing and “life-proofing” Smartphones, and saving billions of dollars in product returns.

Tablet / Notebooks-big

Tablet / Notebooks

Protecting all handheld portable devices and their keyboards from liquid ingress and corrosion damage.



Significantly improving reliability and stress management of semiconductor chips and packaged components.

Printed Circuit Boards-big

Printed Circuit Boards

Replacing precious metal surface finishes and expensive top-coats with superior nanocoating technology.



Protecting portable storage devices from the elements, and improving the lifetime of data center storage.

Wearables & Headsets-big

Wearables & Headsets

Ensuring that electronic devices worn on the body are not only safe from the environment, but safe to wear.



Enabling superior environmental protection without altering optical/lighting performance or form factor.



Delivering exceptional reliability and gas/liquid ingress protection to the most demanding set of industries.



Providing advanced under-the-hood and in-car protection for the ever expanding range of car electronics and sensors.

Better for the environment.
Better for you.

It’s not enough to offer the industry’s best protective nano-coatings. We have always been passionately committed to delivering waterproofing solutions that exceed the highest environmental and health standards. While many “water resistant” materials rely on chemistries such as long-chain fluoropolymers that contain PFOA- and PFOS,* we, along with companies like Nike, Apple, Patagonia and Gore, have eliminated these harmful chemicals from our products.

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