Enabling Waterproof Devices

At Semblant, we’re on a mission to protect your digital lifestyle. We do this by innovating advanced nano-coatings for waterproofing the most fragile and rigorously used electronic devices, making them impervious to the forces of nature you encounter every day. Our special chemical solutions save the industry billions of dollars in return and repair costs, and save consumers a lot of pain, and a lot of money as well. Today our solutions are hard at work protecting over 100 million mobile devices and counting.

We apply our advanced expertise in nano-material technology to protect your most advanced devices. It’s our passion. It’s all we do. It’s our promise. That’s why our engineers and experts are involved in every step—from inventing the most reliable nano-coatings to protect against damage and liquid ingress, to ensuring we use only the safest, most non-toxic materials. This commitment means we invent, create and deliver a tested and proven nano-shield solution, so product companies and manufacturers experience fewer returns, less rework and significant cost savings, and consumers derive all the benefits.

Waterproof your device with Semblant.

Semblant is the global leader in innovating and deploying nanomaterials in the electronics industry. The company’s unique nanotechnology solutions, backed by a broad range of fundamental patents, have been designed specifically to protect electronic devices from liquid ingress, corrosion and many other forms of damage. With thicknesses in the submicron range, Semblant’s proprietary plasma-based conformal coatings and protective surface treatments provide remarkable improvements in product reliability, product lifetime, return/repair/resale economics and customer brand loyalty. The company’s proprietary equipment sets are cleanroom-compliant, high-volume-manufacturing-proven (greater than 1 million units per day capacity installed), and the resulting materials are entirely reworkable (solder-through) and ultra-green (including PFOA- and PFOS-free). To date, the company has provided solutions to the mobile phone, wearable, enterprise computing, network infrastructure, medical device, automotive and space-military-aerospace markets, as well as the printed circuit board and semiconductor/semiconductor packaging industries.

Better for you.
Better for the environment.

Semblant is committed to the environment and the health and safety of everyone who touches our products; from the engineer building electronics to the child who wants to play with them.