Nanomaterial Solutions

The Industry’s most accepted plasma alternatives


Semblant's plasma finishes deliver improved product quality and lower manufacturing costs.

Semblant’s SPF plasma PCB surface finish and plasma conformal coat are the industry’s most accepted plasma alternatives to traditional surface finish and protective conformal coats. These nanomaterial solutions, including PCB surface finish, corrosion protection, protective topcoat and electronics assembly conformal coating, significantly increase product reliability, while simplifying the manufacturing process. The result is significantly improved product quality with lower manufacturing costs.

Semblant Solutions: 

Streamline manufacturing. Replace costly and complex metal plating lines with Semblant’s one-step process.

Eliminate hazardous material handling and waste management. Semblant’s nanomaterials are produced using non-toxic precursor gases at room temperature.

Provide technologically superior finishes and coatings. Achieve unparalleled protection and corrosion resistance that improves product reliability, extends shelf life and can increase product performance.