Nano-Shield Technology

Proven, protective Nano-Shield Coatings

How It Works

We developed our nanotechnology solutions from first principles, specifically to serve the digital world. Competing solutions use either off-the-shelf coatings, or chemicals designed for the fabric industry, repackaging them to target the rapidly growing consumer electronics protection market.

It starts with our proprietary, special chemical nanocoatings, invented, refined and intelligently designed to form ultra-thin conformal barriers which are dense, transparent, and impenetrable to not just water, but corrosive salt solutions, noxious gases, and even concentrated acids.

A patented plasma deposition chamber is used to apply the nanomaterials in a rapid one-step high-volume process that is space-efficient, environmentally safe, and simple to operate. The deposition chambers can be placed in cleanroom or industrial locations, and are entirely self-contained.

Starting with simple, commercially available precursors (liquids and gases), we create complex and unique polymer shield layers on top of the electronic devices that need to be protected, without applying any thermal or physical stress to the high-value products. By incorporating multiple ultra-thin layers with different physical properties (patented and unique to Semblant), we create special chemical, pinhole-free barriers to water, sweat, corrosion, dust, dirt and all the real-world hazards your electronic devices encounter throughout their life.

Cost Savings

Let’s face it: Life happens. From the manufacturer, to the distributor, to the store, to you, electronic devices get put through a lot. Regardless of where your investment is, it is worth protecting it from the damage that lies in its path.

  • Repairing and restocking damaged products cost the smartphone industry approximately $10 billion in 2015.
  • Replacing damaged smartphones cost consumers approximately $30 billion in 2015.

Semblant’s nano-shield technology protects your investments against real-world moisture ingress and corrosion damage. Not only that, our special chemical coating allows manufacturers and repair centers to rework and repair problems with subcomponents – to further improve the economics for the manufacturer, the carrier and the consumer.


Semblant has an exclusive partnership with Nordson MARCH, the global leader in plasma equipment systems, with a 30-year history in the industry and an extensive worldwide engineering support structure, to provide scalable manufacturing solutions for its plasma-based deposition processes. Semblant and Nordson MARCH have created a proven suite of plasma processing tools that enable safe, ultra high-volume manufacturing, with the highest machine capacity, product quality, process uptime, and system reliability in the industry. In short, we deliver a proven one-step turnkey solution that works, period!

Better for you.
Better for the environment.

Semblant is committed to the environment and the health and safety of everyone who touches our products; from the engineer building electronics to the child who wants to play with them.