Following Launch of MobileShield™ Technology, Semblant Sets Record Year With 173% Growth in Licensing Sales Flagship Waterproofing

Following Launch of MobileShield™ Technology, Semblant Sets Record Year With 173% Growth in Licensing Sales Flagship Waterproofing

Semblant has announced that it has experienced a record compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 173% in licensing sales. Following the introduction of its MobileShield™ technology, the company is seeing accelerated growth due to increased demand among Chinese smartphone manufacturers for top-of-the-line waterproofing technology. Since the technology was launched at Mobile World Congress in February 2016, it has been decorated with several industry awards.

“Having invested heavily to develop a portfolio of differentiated IP in electronics waterproofing, winning these awards is extremely meaningful to our company—it validates all the hard work we’ve done to date,” said Simon McElrea, CEO of Semblant. “Consumers are demanding more robust phones, and major smartphone brands are responding by adding even more advanced features and capabilities, such as waterproofing. Our proprietary nanocoating solutions are effortless to implement and offer numerous advantages over traditional methods of waterproofing electronics in terms of overall cost, reliability, scalability and environmental impact.”

In parallel with record revenue and licensing growth, 2016 brought significant attention to Semblant’s proprietary coating technology. Over the past six months, the company has received six industry awards and recognitions, including:

  • Won an R&D award in the Mechanical/Materials category
  • Recognized as a CES Innovation Awards Honoree in three product categories:
    • Tech For A Better World
    • Eco-Design & Sustainable Technologies
    • Embedded Technologies
  • Won the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 Award for Best Use of IP
  • Awarded the No. 7 ranking out of the top 100 growth businesses in the United Kingdom in the 16th annual Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 league table (Tech Track 100)

Semblant’s MobileShield waterproofing technology allows users to benefit from longer device life and the freedom to take their smartphones almost anywhere. For smartphone manufacturers, there are significant economic benefits; in addition to giving devices a first line of defense against common sources of damage, MobileShield coatings also enable repair at the component level. This substantially reduces device replacement expenditures for consumers, retailers and manufacturers alike. Last year alone, consumers spent $23 billion replacing mobile phones.

MobileShield technology can be seen protecting a smartphone against water ingress and resisting corrosion from nitric acid in Semblant’s recent videos.

About Semblant Semblant is the global leader in innovating and deploying protective nanomaterials in the electronics industry. The company’s unique nanoshield nanotechnology solutions, backed by a broad range of fundamental patents, have been designed specifically to protect electronic devices from liquid ingress, corrosion and many other forms of damage. This saves the industry billions of dollars each year in return and repair costs. Semblant’s nanocoatings are also environmentally friendly and release no hazardous materials in the manufacturing process. The company provides solutions to the mobile phone, wearable, enterprise computing, network infrastructure, medical device, automotive and space/military/aerospace markets, as well as the printed circuit board and semiconductor/semiconductor packaging industries. For more information, visit us at, on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

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