Semblant Signs Waterproofing Technology Agreements With Three China Smartphone Manufacturers

Semblant Signs Waterproofing Technology Agreements With Three China Smartphone Manufacturers

Semblant today announced that it has signed production qualification agreements with three leading China smartphone manufacturers related to its patented MobileShield™ waterproofing technology.

Semblant’s nanotechnology solution is applied to the inside circuitry of each device as an ultra-thin protective film during the manufacturing process, rather than to the outside casing of the fully assembled phone. This patented approach ensures that the internal printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) receives a uniform moisture barrier layer, designed to protect the underlying electronics from liquid damage of all forms, as well as dust and particulate damage. The technology has been qualified under ingress protection (IP) schemes as high as IPX8, and under operating voltages up to 30V, a requirement for advanced display and fast-charging capabilities.

“We continue to make strong progress on our primary goal of mass production deployment with multiple customers, and we are delighted to sign these additional contracts,” said Simon McElrea, CEO of Semblant. “Waterproofing is now a feature that most consumers demand for any new smartphone design, and we have made it as easy as possible for the industry to implement. We provide our customers with a process that eliminates masking and layout design rule constraints, and we provide coating machines that are simple to operate, and proven to produce an average of approximately 3 million phones per year. Simplicity is the key to scale-up success.”

About MobileShield™ MobileShield is a nanotechnology thin-film coating that provides a robust, yet entirely reworkable, water-resistant and corrosion-resistant protective shield for mobile devices. Semblant’s other technologies address a diverse range of markets that include automotive, semiconductor, data storage and communications products. Learn more at

MobileShield technology can be seen protecting a smartphone against water ingress and corrosion from nitric acid in Semblant’s recent videos.

About Semblant Semblant is the global leader in innovating and deploying protective nanomaterials in the electronics industry. The company’s unique nanoshield nanotechnology solutions, backed by a broad range of fundamental patents, have been designed specifically to protect electronic devices from liquid ingress, corrosion and many other forms of damage. This saves the industry billions of dollars each year in return and repair costs. Semblant’s nanocoatings are also environmentally friendly and release no hazardous materials in the manufacturing process. The company provides solutions to the mobile phone, wearable, enterprise computing, network infrastructure, medical device, automotive and space/military/aerospace markets, as well as the printed circuit board and semiconductor/semiconductor packaging industries.

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