Semblant wins Materials Supplier of the Year at 3D InCites Awards 2018

Semblant wins Materials Supplier of the Year at 3D InCites Awards 2018

Semblant has been awarded the 2018 3D InCites Award for Materials Supplier of the Year. The award recognizes the mass adoption of Semblant’s protective MobileShield™ technology by the world’s leading smartphone manufacturers and the company’s successful diversification into multiple semiconductor and device packaging markets.

“While Semblant’s solution for preventing moisture ingress faced some fierce competition in the Materials Supplier of the Year category this year with competitors offering novel no-clean fluxes, SOI substrates, and temporary bond and debond materials, the company still managed to carry 58% of the vote.” said Françoise von Trapp, Queen of 3D, 3D InCites. “This is a testament to the company’s innovative spirit and hard work. On behalf of 3D InCites, I offer my congratulations.”

Semblant’s advanced nanotechnology invisibly shields the inner components of electronic devices from moisture, corrosion, dust and dirt. The technology provides manufacturers with greater reliability and increased lifetime for their devices in a cost-effective, streamlined process. The company’s product portfolio of MobileShield, CircuitShield and CustomShield also enables manufacturers to easily repair and replace components instead of replacing the entire internal unit in their devices as well as delivering environmental benefits over other protective coatings due to its elimination of harmful substances.

This year’s 3D InCites Awards will be presented at this week’s IMAPS 14th International Conference and Exhibition on Device Packaging in Fountain Hills, Arizona. 3D InCites has established itself as the most authoritative portal of news and original content in 3D and heterogeneous integration.  Now in its 6th year, the 3D InCites Awards showcase the best in innovation and manufacturing excellence for the  advancement of the heterogeneous roadmap.

Award recipients will be celebrated at The 3D InCites Award Ceremony and Barbecue, which takes place at 6:30pm on Wednesday 7th March at WeKoPa Resort and Conference Center as part of IMAPS Device Packaging Conference. Proceeds from this year’s event will benefit IMAPS Microelectronics Foundation and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.