WIRED: “It’s Way Past Time for Every Phone to Be Waterproof”

WIRED: "It’s Way Past Time for Every Phone to Be Waterproof"

Semblant CEO Simon McElrea recently spoke with David Pierce from Wired, who posed the question; “Why aren’t all phones waterproof yet?”

“You know water’s going to get in,” McElrea says. “And it’s not pure water. The only time it’s pure water is in those silly tests.” A lot of times, moisture can ruin a phone without you ever doing anything wrong; it’s just the result of chemistry and time. McElrea’s favorite demo is to use nitric acid: It will eat through the phone, the table it’s on, and the floor beneath, but just sits beaded like drops of water on top of a Semblant-coated smartphone. (It’s a good demo.)

Semblant’s technology is already being put into a million phones a day from a variety of manufacturers, McElrea says, most of whom don’t tout the feature.

You can read the full article published, 09.02.16, on WIRED.com written by David Pierce by clicking here.