CircuitShield™ Waterproofing Solution for PCBs & Electronic Components

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the backbone of electronics, and most products on the market today have at least one PCB inside. All of them are subject to environmental stresses that affect their reliability and lifetime, as well as the lifetime of the all the components and semiconductor chips they support. Semblant’s CircuitShield special chemical nano-coating is engineered to provide high-volume manufacturers with a streamlined, cost-effective, environmentally friendly process that is reworkable, and that surpasses traditional conformal coating processes in protection and performance.

CircuitShield is engineered to not just protect printed circuit boards, but a broad range of electronic subcomponents such as semiconductor chips, MEMS and LED devices, semiconductor packages, connectors and more.

The products to be coated are loaded into a vacuum chamber. Once the air is extracted, a series of precursor gases and liquids are pumped in and a RF voltage is generated to convert the materials to their plasma state. Within minutes, every surface of each item receives a nano-thin, special chemical plasma coating that provides a permanent, robust, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, protective shield.

This plasma-based technology replaces thick, liquid conformal coatings. It eliminates chemical contaminants, wastewater and the need for toxic chemicals.