CustomShield™ Custom Hydrophobic Coatings

As we enter the age of autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Everything, the products we design are limited only by our imagination. Semblant’s special chemical nano-shield coatings have been developed with unlimited possibilities in mind.

The process to apply them is simple, efficient, environmentally safe and highly adaptable. By selecting different polymers and precursor gases and adjusting operating parameters as necessary, we can fine-tune coating performance to meet unique challenges beyond those not addressed by surface finish or conformal coating solutions.

Talk to us about collaborating with our accomplished R&D and process engineering staff to customize nano-shield technologies for your application.

To discuss HZO Nano Coatings for your application, please contact us.

The products to be coated are loaded into a vacuum chamber. Once the air is extracted, a series of precursor gases and liquids are pumped in and a RF voltage is generated to convert the materials to their plasma state. Within minutes, every surface of each item receives a nano-thin special chemical plasma coating that provides a permanent, robust, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, protective shield.