MobileShield™ Waterproofing Technology for Mobile Devices

Today’s mobile devices keep us connected to the world in a multitude of ways, and store some of our most personal information and cherished memories, thanks to miniaturized microelectronics. Semblant’s MobileShield has been designed to shield the inner workings of these devices from moisture, corrosion, dust, dirt and other contaminants, and to provide protection for those moments when we dunk, spill or drop our devices by mistake.

A leading cause of mobile device failure is electronic corrosion due to liquid ingress, which damages the delicate internal circuitry. This can either happen due to a catastrophic event – like dropping a phone in a sink – but research shows that damage is also caused by repetitive exposure to humidity, sweat, rain and all sorts of typical day-to-day environments. No wonder that more than one in four mobile devices break while using them.

Some companies waterproof the case, which makes it look like the mobile device has a barrier to moisture. But that’s not the problem: The moisture and corrosive materials get in through all the gaps (these products aren’t diver’s watches, after all), and the delicate internal circuitry corrodes, either suddenly or over time. Semblant’s MobileShield is different: our special chemical coating protects the device from the inside out because it is applied directly to the internal circuitry during the manufacturing process.

The products to be coated are loaded into a vacuum chamber. Once the air is extracted, a series of precursor gases and liquids are pumped in and a RF voltage is generated to convert the materials to their plasma state. Within minutes, every surface of each item receives a nano-thin special chemical plasma coating that provides a permanent, robust, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, protective shield.

MobileShield is produced using nontoxic precursor gases at room temperature. Plasma processes reduce energy use, require no water or hazardous material recycling, and replace the need for expensive metals. It can also be used to enhance both gold and silver finishes—reducing the required thicknesses of the coatings, saving metal costs, preventing pitting in gold, preventing tarnishing and inhibiting corrosion in silver.